Literally, the BEST theatre group i've had the pleasure to perform with !! Outstanding directors, a beautiful stage,fantastic acoustics, etc. JCLT is the cream of the crop !!!

Sara Kitchens

BLOWN AWAY by the performance of "A Few Good Men"! John Triplett as Markinson had me tearing up and Ryan Rosauer as Jessup was fantastically executed!!! EVERYBODY did a WONDERFUL job and I'm thrilled we got to see it! Thank you to the cast for such a great performance and to everybody who worked so hard to bring the play to life!

Kadi Orr

I have seen some awesome performances here. Junction City Little Theater has offered great opportunities to bring out the 'stars' in my children

Jacqueline Sherrod

I love the theater and I am a huge theater buff and I truly love THIS theater! The productions are wonderful and excellently produced with amazing local talent. A must see for any show.

Judith Elizabeth

I have been apart of JCLT ever since I was 8 years old. I started in the Summer Theater program and continued to do it until I was 18.  I love JCLT.  They pick great shows and always have amazing productions. Since being in Summer Theater I have worked for a Tony award winning regional theater and I can honestly say that JCLT is doing amazing things for being a community theater! I highly recommend JCLT to fans of theater and newcomers to the theater.

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